We have a studio on site dedicated to drum lessons. Our students are taught grooves, fills and techniques in many different styles.

Band Instruments

Wynn Sanchez taught band for 5 years and has a Masters Degree in trumpet performance.  She enjoys teaching beginner woodwind players and beginner to advanced brass players!


We offer lessons from beginner to advanced player. Sight reading, music theory and ear training are some of the methods used to instruct students of all ages. One of most popular classes!


This class has helped many students go on to become professional singers! It can also be taught in conjunction with an instrument for those who wish to play and sing their own music.


Our instructors teach you from the beginning: how to read music and to play with others. We offer both classical and performance based instruction.


We teach beginner to advanced students many different styles including rock, blues, jazz, and country. Both acoustic and electric guitar lessons are available.


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